Horizontal vs. Vertical Blogging

Forget, temporarily, everything I told you in my last blog post. We’re here to drive traffic to your website. Of course you want to give your customers good information, and you want to write good articles, but the whole purpose of a business is to drive business. After you’ve been through the gauntlet of blog article writing contacting every related website you can write a post for to drive traffic to your website, you’re wondering what you should do next. This is where horizontal blogging comes up. Vertical blogging is one big circle of everyone leading potential customers to everyone else in a single industry. Horizontal blogging, however, focuses your efforts on your target customers outside of your current industry.

Horizontal blogging starts at the research stage. Set aside an hour one day this week and focus on subjects outside your industry’s or business’ sphere of influence and focus on how you can tie those subjects back into your business. For instance, an outdoor company wouldn’t normally reach out to gamers, but after a bit of research, that outdoor company might find it can make a great connection between popular first person shooter games and outdoor sport shooting, especially when you add a few things like digital scopes, rangefinders, and and interactive computer program to help your aim you’ve just turned a blog on a website for an entirely unrelated industry into a traffic generating monster tapping into a customer base you don’t normally have access to.

Horizontal blogging started as an addendum to guest blogging, but has grown exponentially over the last few years as a unique and interactive way for companies to reach markets they wouldn’t normally have access to. They are also tapping into that market in a way more personal and less annoying than ads on the side of a page and is a must for any company looking to aggressively expand.

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